Stopwatch #googleglass app takes a 21st Century Approach to Classroom Routines

Gone are the days of having to make your students look frantically at the clock during a math minute. Also, eliminate the need for students to ask “how many minutes do we have left?” during silent sustained reading. Stopwatch is an app that I am beta-testing on Google Glass for Eduglasses.

Stopwatch is one of three apps under the parent umbrella app Edutools. When we use technology to create visual cues in the classroom for our students we eliminate the need for disruptive teacher vocal commands. If you do not have access to Google Glass but have an iPad in the classroom you could use a free app like Sandtimer to achieve the same effect.

The big idea is that technology allows us to create classroom routines and protocols that look like they belong in the 21st century and not in the one room school house. We no longer live in an Industrial Age — let us start teaching for Generation Z.


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