Cool Apps I Get to Beta Test

Since I teach for the classroom of the future I often have the opportunity to beta test apps.  When I have permission I will share these applications that drive learning with my audience as a means of amplifying our own thinking…

App #1 Eduscan

Eduscan – Using Wearables to Change Parent/Teacher Collaboration

This was an app that I was fortunate to be able to beta test.
Brought to you by the good folks at Eduglasses.

Break down pre-existing communication barriers in your 21st century learning environment.

Eduteach Using Wearables to Collaborate and Communicate

This app is one I got to beta test brought to you my the good folks at Eduglasses

This app allows you to live stream your class from the wearables and parents could log in from their work and see a class play or other project based activity. Enabling parents to feel more connected to the school life of their child in the 21st century classroom.


EduDefine – Dictionary on Your Head

The latest app that the folks at Eduglasses asked me to beta test…

This is like having a dictionary on your head. The students say “okay glass EduDefine” at the start up screen. Then they are able to speak vocabulary words into the device. The device then displays the definition for you but also there is the option to have the definition read to you. I think this would be a great app to use with special education students or ELL students.


Edureal Google Glass + AR

This application is something that I was fortunate enough to beta test. It was created by the good folks at Eduglasses.

This is how it works. The developers have created their own library or augmented reality triggers that you can either print out or have ready on the computer screen. You say “okay glass Edureal” and this command takes you into the app. Then you will scan for content. The 2 dimensional triggers, when scanned with Google Glass will lead you to 3 dimensional multimedia content. I love the idea of using augmented reality to create more personalized learning experiences for my students.

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