NoiseMeter #Googleglass App Changes Context of Classroom Management

I am a teacher who is very loud and I expect a fair amount of noise in my classroom. However, there are times — like when I want my students to be in the “math zone” where I want my students to focus and be quiet.

During these times if they are not quiet, I have found that ssshhhhing them or nagging them to be quiet is an ineffective form of behavior management or crowd control.

This is why I like this app Noisemeter that I was asked to beta-test my the good folks at
The Noisemeter app is one of three apps that is available from the parent app Edutools. What I like about this app is that it changes the context of classroom management. Visual cuing is a much more effective means of managing classroom behavior. Tools such as this and the app Class Dojo are great ways to make classroom expectations fun and manageable.


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