How to Make A Copy of a Course in iTunes University

Many of you were probably overjoyed with the Apple announcement at ISTE this year about the collaborative feature in iTunes University.
I have published many of my courses as public courses in iTunes University. The discussion feature is only available in private courses, which makes sense.
However, if you are like me you are probably wondering what you need to do make a copy of your already created public courses in iTunesU to make them private so you can take advantage of this discussion feature.

I was fortunate to have the assistance of an iTunes University engineer and fellow ADE Nadine Norris to walk me through this process in a step by step manner at the Global ADE Institute/20th Anniversary of the program in San Diego in July. I am a visual learner so I documented this process with a series a screenshots that I thought would be useful for all.

Step One
Go to the iTunes University app and click on My Courses
iTunesU Step One

Step Two
Choose the public course you wish to copy and execute a one finger swipe to the left to reveal the grey more button and the red delete button.
iTunesU step 2

Step Three
Click on the grey more button and select the duplicate option.
iTunesU 3

Step Four
Select Either the Self-Paced or In-Session Option for the Course
iTunesU 4

Step Five
Then you will see a copy of your course pop up in the app
itunesu 5

Step Six
Go into the copy of your course and click on the admin icon on the bottom of the page. It will turn blue.
iTunesU six

Step Seven
On the left hand side of the screen go to settings and click on settings.
iTunesU step seven

Step Eight
On the right hand side of the screen turn the discussions feature on. You do this by tapping on the white dot and green will appear on the left as the dot moves to the right.
Step Eight

I hope that this post was helpful. Thanks to Apple for creating this feature in iTunes U which makes the use of the product in the classroom a 21st century collaborative learning experience.


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