From Scannable to Wearable Teaching Generation Z

If you are a follower of this blog than chances are you have seen me present somewhere live or via webinar.  If you like my evolutionary and revolutionary ideas about technology and education than I would appreciate your vote for a panel discussion I would like to have at the South by Southwest Education festival in 2015.  My co-pilot and co-panelist in this adventure will be well-respected NYC based educational consultant Monica Burns.  If you have not seen seen Monica’s blog it is a great collection of technology resources.

If you would log in to the South by South West Panel Picker site and vote for my proposal I would greatly appreciate the support.  We will be discussing how to nurture a transformational mindset in your learning space that accommodates technology such as QR Codes, Augmented Reality, iBeacons, Wearable Tech, and other ed-tech goodies that have not yet been invented.

Here is the link to vote for the proposal:

Our South by South West Proposal


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