iPad Treasue Hunt — Great PD Activity for Beginners

iPad Treasue Hunt -- Great PD Activity for Beginners

This is my latest post in my iPad Infusion K-8 iTunes U Course
It is a great way to familiarize beginners with various application on the iPad.

1- Go into the camera app and take a picture of your partner

2- Go into Keynote and Create a title slide that has both of your names on it

3- Go into Pages and write down five things you need to buy at the grocery store this weekend

4- Go into the Video feature on the camera and get footage of your partner holding the iPad and giving a thumbs up

5- Find the app eBackPack and tell me what color it is

6- Go into the clock app and take a screen shot of Eastern Standard Time

7- Go into Photo Booth and take a picture of the person leading the workshop

8- Go to You Tube and Find a Video of Last Years High School Graduation

9- Both of you go into a Screen-casting APP on Your iPads and Write Down Any Questions You Have About Using the iPad in the Classroom with Your Students


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