10 iPad Tips for Beginners

10 iPad Tips for Beginners

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Here are some really basic things that will help you get started with the iPad.

Tip One- How do I turn it on?
When holding the the iPad there is a button on the upper left hand side of the device that will turn it on.

Tip Two- How do I turn it off?
Press down for 2 seconds on the button on the upper left hand side of the device — a prompt will pop up that says slide to power off.

Tip Three- I got stuck someplace where I do not want to be how can I get back to the home screen?
Well, there is a home button on the front of the iPad, it is on the right hand side and has a square on it: I like to call it home base. Press that button at any time to return you to the home screen.

Tip Four- I want to take a screenshot with the iPad how do I do that?
You press the on/off button and the home button at the same time — the iPad will make a sound and the screen will flash so you will know that you took screenshot. It will wind up in your photo library.

Tip Five- How to I Adjust the iPad Volume?
On the top of the iPad on the left there is a black skinny button that can be touched to turn the volume up and down.

Tip Six- The sound on my iPad won’t play but the volume is turned up all the way? What should I do?
On the top of the iPad to the left of the volume control, there is a mute button, move it to the right to silence the ringer and move it to the left to turn the ringer back on.

Tip Seven- How do I search for an app on the iPad that I can’t find?
Swipe down with four fingers and that will make a search the iPad option pop-up.

Tip Eight- How do I close out apps?
Double tap the home button – then flick the open apps to the top of screen one, or two, or three at a time.

Tip Nine- How do I swipe between screens?
Use one or two fingers to flick from the right or left two swipe through your menu of apps.

Tip Ten- My iPad is not Responding to My Fingers What Should I Do?
This happens to me all of the time. I have poor circulation. Rub your hands together to create some body heat and try again!!


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