Using Technology to Make Science More Engaging

I am now on my spring break and I am taking the time to reflect upon what I have done in my classroom in the past few weeks that was a successful incorporation of technology.  I am currently teaching a Genetics unit in my biology classes.  The challenge of introducing new material two weeks before I vacation is how can I make it relevant to my students at a time of year when they are without a doubt “antsy for spring break.”  While other teachers were complaining about the behavior of their classes, my kidsFOR POST were totally on task thanks to the technology integration in my classroom.  There were three tools that I would like to share that helped make my new science unit engaging.  The first was Educreations: I was able to create a series of mini-lessons that blended images, text, and thinking problems for my students.  I would then have them screen shot the answers and email me the screenshots as a form of on-going assessment.  The second tool was QR visual, the latest version of QR codes.  We made about four different QR visuals for each lesson and my classroom was wallpapered with qr codes of Mendel, pea plants, and Punnet squares.  The kids respond so well when they get to move around the classroom and scan a bunch of QR codes that take them various websites such as Today’s Meet, Lino It, and POLL Snack.  The third tool that we used effectively was Story Creator.  My students each completed their own Educreation picture/Punnet Square/phenotypic ratio of one of Mendel’s experimental traits.  We combined all of their Educreations into a book in the Story Creator App on the iPad.  Collaboration and technology working its magic.


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