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Engaged and Relevant

Faculty meetings of late have been transformed from discussing bulleted agenda items to interactive and collaborative learning sessions. Utilizing available technology and web 2.0 tools during faculty meetings have allowed educators to be lead learners and stay on the cutting edge of best practice initiatives. Here are ten ways faculty meetings can move from boring to relevant and engaging:

1. Incorporate backchannelling with TodaysMeet as a way to give people voice and share valuable ideas.

2. Utilize Google Drive to share out important documents, archive important information, and collaborate during break out sessions.

3. Assess staff and gauge faculty’s understanding on key concepts learned during a meeting with Socrative.

4. Conduct a Google Hangout with special guests and influential educators from around the world for all your staff to see and learn from.

5. Host a ten minute Smackdown at the end of every faculty meeting in order to share…

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