Story Creator is an app that works K-12

Story Creator is an app that works K-12

Since I have the good fortune of working with students of various age groups I enjoyed this new app because of its versatility. I was able to use with my high school students in a computers in business class. The class is essentially project based in nature so I am always looking for ways to synthesize critical pieces of my students work at the end of each marking period. Not only could I use this app to include bits of projects they had created in numbers, keynote, and iMovie. I can also have them narrate over the page in the book to talk about what they created. The app also allows the students to type text in or to draw or color within the book. It was also a big hit with my fifth graders in an after school reading club that I run. We are using the the APP to creating a project based upon the book Blubber by Judy Blume. This app is great because it targets higher level thinking skills and allows the students to become choreographers or their own learning experience.


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