I Tunes University

I Tunes University

This past week I had the good fortune of attending an ITUNES University workshop with about 18 other teachers and district supervisors from my district. While I had created one course in ITUNES U in the past I was amazed by what I learned during the workshop. I currently teach a class where I have two preps within the class, one for biology and one for chemistry. I had originally created the class as a means of organization for my students that transcended beyond a WIKI. What I found out in the course was that you can link your course to apps, you can link your course to other courses within ITUNES U, and you can link your course to videos within ITUNES. At the end of the workshop I was asked to use an adjective to describe how I felt and that word was “overstimulated”. Of course now I want to design ITUNES Courses for all of my classes. Is ITUNES U going to replace the WIKI in 2013? Perhaps…


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