My first IBOOK of 2013

My first IBOOK of 2013

I am preparing my juniors for the upcoming math portion of the HSPA exam. There was no adequate textbook resource that existed that was even worth a glance. So some of the math teachers and I collaborated on this multi-media book. We were able to place a media clip from Stand and Deliver in the introduction: the one where the math teacher is asking them if they have “ganas” to learn. It really is all about the ganas/desire at the end of the day. The students love the pop visuals, in the Algebra chapter I found a picture of someone with a y=mx+b tattoo on their arm that the kids can press the arm and a explanation pops up. Also, I embedded a DAE file of a circle that helped our discussions on surface area and volume. The kids love to spin it to help alleviate their pre-test stress. Thanks to the folks at Apple for giving me the toolkit for my students to be more successful in the classroom.


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