Differentiated Instruction with LINO IT


I have used LINO IT for the last six months in my classroom and showed several other teachers how to use it in my iPad trainings.  However, this past week I came up with a new and innovative way to use it in my classroom to differentiate instruction.  I am in the midst of teaching a unit on Mendelian Genetics and I have a huge range of abilities within my class.  So in order to do an activity that created an appropriate level of challenge for each student, I created various stickies in Lino It with genetics vocab words on them.  However, each sticky had a specific student name on it.  The students who were not struggling tackled a more sophisticated word while those who were struggling were tasked with a more basic word.  I had used Lino It multiple times, but never like this.  Since there are different color stickies, each student was able to respond to their vocab word with the same color sticky that I assigned to them.  This made it look real pretty and it was easy for me to organize to assess.  Hip, hip, hooray for technology and differentiation.


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