My Daily Genius/Ed Tech Teacher Posts Best of 2015 Part II

This year I landed my first job as a school administrator in Hudson County.  So as opposed to daily blogging, I complete more focused writing about the relationship between leadership, curriculum, and 21st century skills.

This past year I began to do some guest writing for Ed Tech Teacher and Daily Genius.  In this post I will feature my  four articles that originally were published on Daily Genius, then they appeared on the Ed Tech Teacher website.  Yesterday I featured four posts that were featured in the first part of 2015 and today I will feature four posts that were featured in the second part of 2015.

Post #5 July 2015How to use Sphero the Robot for incredible STEM lessons

Focused on the role of robotics in all areas of the curriculum, including the typical and the atypical. (appeared on Ed Tech Teacher Website in August of 2015)

Post #6 August 2015 21st Century Learning with Explain Everything

Focused on how we can authentically assess students in 21st century with the assistance of technology. (appeared on Ed Tech Teacher Website in September of 2015)

Post #7 October 2015  5 Tips to Increase Parental Engagement in the 21st Century Classroom

Focused on a variety of 21st century tools that can be used to increase stakeholder engagement in a school system. (appeared on the Ed Tech Teacher website in November of 2015)

Post #8 December 2015 How to Bring Global Collaboration into the 21st Century

Focused on the Italian based international collaboration Challenge to Change and what 21st century collaboration should look like.  (appeared on the Ed Tech Teacher website in December of 2015)

Thanks to all the educators at the state, national, and international level who supported these pieces by providing insightful comments and quotations.  I am fortunate to be connected to such a wonderful professional learning network.






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