My Daily Genius/Ed Tech Teacher Posts Best of 2015 Part One

As I mentioned earlier this week I became a school administrator in January of 2015.  Also, I started my Doctoral program the day that I started by new job as an administrator in Hudson County.  So as opposed to daily blogging, I complete more focused writing about the relationship between leadership, curriculum, and 21st century skills.

This past year I began to do some guest writing for Ed Tech Teacher and Daily Genius.  In this post I will feature my first four articles that originally were published on Daily Genius, then they appeared on the Ed Tech Teacher website.

Post #1 February 2015How 2 schools use green screen iPad tools for authentic learning

Focused on the role of Green Screen Technology in two schools with different demographics (appeared on ETT in March of 2015)

Post #2 March 2015How to start using game education (plus 4 games worth trying)

Focused on the role of the power of play in the 21st century classroom(appeared on ETT in March of 2015)

Post #3 April 2015 –5 digital tools (and tips) that will help new school leaders

Focused on ways to use 21st century best practices to be a more effective administrator (appeared on ETT in May of 2015)

Post #4 June 2015 – How to use iBeacons in the classroom

Focused on various pioneers using pingable technology all over the globe, meant to inspire use of iBeacons to promote student learning all over the globe (appeared on ETT in June of 2015)

My last post of 2015 will include my top four Daily Genius/EdTech Teacher Postings in second half of 2015.











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