Time of Transition from Teacher to Admin

Ch, ch, ch, changes….

This is one of the most emotional posts I have ever written.  This time of year is full of transitions for many.  After teaching in a suburban school district for the past four and a half years I have accepted a new position as a Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction at an urban school in Hudson County.  So in the first month of 2015 I will be leaving my role as classroom teacher and transitioning to my new administrative role.

Screenshot 2014-12-30 17.47.19

Why I Made the Decision?

I am an educator because I still believe that I impact the lives of the children in my care in a positive way.  Since I began my administrative job search last May, I was often asked the question: “why do you want to be an administrator?”  The answer is simple.  An administrative position will give me an opportunity to advocate for a larger group of children in my care.  In my soon to be former school district we have a 1 to 1 iPad initiative.  Some of my most productive moments in these past few years have involved coaching the staff about how to use technology to improve their teaching craft.  I loved my role as a teacher coach and I know that the coaching model will be a cornerstone of my philosophy as a Supervisor.  Also, this month I will be starting a Doctoral Program in Global Leadership with other Apple Distinguished Educators.  I have had the experience of working in a suburban school district and I have learned so much.  However, if I want to continue my path as a life-long learner than it is important to look for a different experience for my next educational adventure.  If I want to be a global leader – I have to walk the walk to talk the talk – it is important to have a mindset that embraces change and growth.

Advice for Aspiring Admins

For those of you who are teachers seeking your first break as an admin my advice to you is do not give up and be persistent.  I was a finalist for 7 other administrative positions between May and October before I found the job I wanted.  I interviewed in 11 different school districts for administrative jobs in that time frame.  Sometimes I felt like my whole life consisted of making up interview packets, reading NJDOE Report Cards, and driving around the state of NJ hoping for my first break in a leadership role.  One thing I can tell you is that you will know when the timing is right.  The minute that I began to tour the school that I accepted the Supervisory position in I felt a connection to the school and wanted this school to be my new home.  So stay strong and stay the course, the road to landing your first administrative job is long and winding but it eventually leads to an open door.

What My New Role Means for the Blog

For those of who have been my loyal readers since I started this blog 2 years ago, I promise I will still blog.  My new school has iPads so I will still be blogging about the relationship between education and technology.  If anything, this new role will broaden the scope of my writing so I will add some new categories to the blog.  My new role is a Supervisor in a Special Education school so I will be focusing quite a bit on iPads that work with students who have moderate to severe cognitive and physical disabilities.  Also, I will be writing more about being a leader in the digital age and how to write curriculum that infuses 21st century skills into the mix.  I look forward to extending and expanding the conversation with all of you as I move into the next chapter of educational career.


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