iPad Apps/Common Core Resources for Elementary Special Ed Teachers

This past week I had the good fortune of doing some PD for a 3-5 elementary school that has one iPad cart.  So I put together a simple keynote presentation that bundled relevant resources for my audience which was a group of elementary special education teachers.  Here is a link to Keynote presentation perhaps you could use it in your learning environment.


Screenshot 2014-12-21 08.31.21

The first resource that I presented to the special education teachers was Appitic.  Appitic is a website created by ADE’s Mike Amante and Aline Sada.  It has an advanced collection of app lists that are great for teachers to explore.  Particularly for the special education teacher, Appitic has a list of apps for students with autism as well resources on iPad accessibility features that were curated by Luis Perez. You can access Appitic at:


Screenshot 2014-12-21 08.31.53

The second resource that I presented to the teachers was the work of my ADE buddy Monica Burns.  Monica is a former elementary teacher in NYC who is now a internationally respected educational consultant.  She curates presentation about free iPad apps that can be used for the Common Core in both LAL and math.  Not only does she break the apps down by content area but she organizes apps by standard and domain.  This is helpful because when teachers in public schools are implementing technology they want to be able to justify to administrators how what they are doing is connected to the Common Core.  This is the link to free Common Core resources on Monica’s blog:


The third resource I provided in the Keynote was a collection of iPad apps that I have used to to teach Common Core standards, strands, and strategies for the past four months in my capacity as a Grade Three Literacy Instruction.  Sometimes teachers need explicit examples of how the specific iPad app can be used to deliver instruction.  That is what I did in the final part of the presentation and there were many “aha” moments in the audience.  I am hoping these resources will leave you Common Core ready on your iPads in 2015.


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