Use of Google Forms to Differentiate in PD Workshop

Get Googly

Hello Everyone-

If you are a PD coach you are probably in a position where you have a limited amount of time to provide ed tech professional development to a wide range of teachers, many of whom have different ability levels.  Also, if you are like me and have a lot of experience at the secondary level, you have to provide PD for teachers from a variety of different departments at the same time.

In the State of New Jersey we are required to have a certain portion of our PD in a PLC group.  The PLC does have to be with teachers from the same department, there is some flexibility.  I am working with a group of teachers tomorrow in the morning and in the afternoon I am going to put them in PLC groups.  I created this Google form for a couple different reasons: first of all it gives the teachers a chance to self-reflect and self-assess, secondly it gives me some really powerful data to emply flexible grouping strategies during the PLC time.

Here is a link to the form in its entirety, also a great way to model the power of Google forms for educators.


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