Kahoot Tutorial: Increase Student Engagement + Disaggregate Data

I learned about this resource this summer from Richard Bryne when we both presenting at the Future Learning Summit in Chicago.

I like this Classroom Response System for a few reasons…

1- It appeals to a variety of learners… Kahoot lets you insert pictures into the questions and that works well with visual learners, special education students, and ELL students.

2- It has great prompting tools, you can adjust how much time students get for each question and students see the timer displayed.  Also, it displays a scoreboard so my students get very competitive about who is in the top five.

3- You can differentiate content by assigning different point values based upon question complexity.

4- There is an option to add other media into the question which relates to 21st Century Skills and the Common Core.

5- It is possible to download the class results into an excel spreadsheet and disaggregate student achievement dta.


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