Day 34 Google Glass in the Class “okay glass translate this”

Since I am going to start working with some of my colleagues who teach foreign language with the wearables in the next few weeks, I wanted to test out the world lens app on my wearables. This video shows voice commanding the glasses by saying “okay glass translate this”. Then I set the app to translate from English to Italian. Guess what? The cover of my ISTE magazine went from English to Italian right before my eyes. Changing the look of knowledge in the 21st century classroom.


3 thoughts on “Day 34 Google Glass in the Class “okay glass translate this””

    1. Certainly, I am using an app called My Glass that I can install on my phone or my iPad and pair with my phone as long as they are on the same network. Once this happens my iPad shows what is happening on my glasses — cool stuff right?

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