Episode Four of the AR+ Appsmashing Chronicles with Anthony Peters

Episode Four of the AR+ Appsmashing Chronicles with Anthony Peters

In episode four of the AR + Appsmashing Chronicles I will chat with Anthony Peters. He is based in South Africa and caught my attention after seeing a great lesson that he did combining the use of satire and Augmented Reality.

Here is his bio:
Hailing from Oxford, England I came to South Africa four years ago. I am currently working as an educator in the English Department of Parklands College in the beautiful Cape Town. Having obtained a Masters Degree in Sociolinguistics and an Honours Degree in English, Linguistics and Psychology, I have a great interest in language and education innovation. I have been invited to present at a number of ‘Tech in education’ conferences including the first South African Google Summit in 2013 and ADESSA earlier this year. These I found particularly rewarding as I adore both Google and Apple applications as well as the fact that they work so harmoniously together! I am particularly interested in collaborative and ‘project-based’ education and was awarded the ‘Curriculum Project of the Year’ for the Apple in Education competition in 2012.

I thoroughly enjoy creating fun, innovative and varied tech-based resources for English literature and language lessons and have developed a complete Grade 9 curriculum consisting of Google and Apple app-based resources which coincide directly with the expectations of the Department of Education. I follow the philosophy that if lessons are enjoyed and not simply endured, learner engagement, creativity and potential is unequivocally limitless!

Episode Time: Sunday May 11th at 7am est:


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