5 Reasons Why I Need Glass in the Classroom

5 Reasons Why I Need Glass in the Classroom

I had my first exposure to wearable technology this past January at the wonderful Educon conference in Philadelphia. I attended a conversation on wearable technology that was led by fellow ADE’s Christine DePaulo and Chris Penny. Not only was the session amazing but there were so many people at the conference who were walking around with them on that I started having the itch to use them in my classroom. Well, this weekend I will have the opportunity to scratch that itch when I attend Glass Basecamp in New York City.

So my students and I have been investigating ways that we could use Google Glass in our learning environment. And I have to say that GLASS ceiling looks high in terms of raising the bar for learning…

#1- The ability to gain an additional view of lab experiments. We have had a lot of fun turning our science experiment into iMovies and iMovie trailers. However, when I am doing a lab demo – the students shooting me from at least 2-3 feet away. The ability to shoot a complex chemical reaction through my eyes will extend and expand the knowledge and perspective of my students.

#2- The ability to access student meta-cognition. In math class my students often make their thinking visible by using screencasting in apps like Explain Everything and Educreations. However, with Google Glass I can take screenshots of my students math work and add it to a database in my Google Drive. At the end of the unit I can assimilate all of that data and use it to track student improvement.

#3- I also can record my own teaching and record it in the TED Ed flip machine. Woo-hoo!

#4- Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I am a huge proponent of the role of Augmented Reality in education to support student outcomes and engagement. This adds another LAYAR to Augmented Reality. I imagine created interactive augmented reality games inside my classroom also the AR feature in glass could be a big plus when we go on field trips.

#5- The ability to extend and expand the learning by creating Google Hangouts with the Glass.

I am sure that once finish Glass Basecamp I will have an even stronger “vision” of what this can look like in the classroom.


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