My iBeacons Have Me in A State of Cognitive Dissonance

My iBeacons Have Me in A State of Cognitive Dissonance

In my effort to push the boundaries of the relationship between technology and education… I am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting entities that will make my 21st century classroom a place of constant and relevant engagement.

I recently saw a video about iBeacon technology that was made by my ADE colleague Paul Hamilton who was the first person in the world to pilot this technology in the classroom. My mind began to spin thinking of the possibilities. My kit arrived in the mail today…

I am now in a state of cognitive dissonance.(yes, that is a reference to my man Vygotsky) I have creative visions of how I want to implement this technology in the learning environment. However, I realized tonight that I have quite a steep learning curve with the back end architecture and implementation of these devices. That is exciting and I welcome the challenge.

I am grateful to have people all over the world — developers and ADE’s who can support me in this endevour. I look forward to documenting my learning curve with this new context based technology here on this blog.


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