Educon Chat How AR is Changing the Shape of Knowledge in the Classrooom

I am very excited to be leading a conversation about Augmented Reality this month at Educon. I am going to curate the creation of an iTunes U Course with the people who come to my chat so we can have an global platform in iTunes U for AR.

Link to Educon Conversation for Sunday January 26th during Session Five from 12:30 to 2:00pm

I am taking the train into NYC right now and working on my next book — infusion of AR into the Science Classroom. As I composed the introduction I realized that there were a few guiding axioms that frame the use of AR in my classroom…

My students use AR to…
Become creators of their own content
Become authors with their own voice
To teach content they have learned to a different age group
To wrestle with difficult content within their Zone of Proximal Development
To embrace the various cogs within the SAMR model
To make their learning all about the VERBS in Blooms Taxonomy

Let’s continue this important conversation at Educon



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