Student Generated APP-Smashes Bloom + Gardner + SAMR Part II

This is Part II in a three part blog post which shares the work of my student generated APP-smashes in my Forensics classes.

All APP-smashes should begin with the learning goal, objective, or target: in the case of this project the learning objective was…
SWBAT synthesize essential questions and enduring understandings of the forensics class in the first marking period.
SWBAT create an APP-smash presentation that shows their favorite aspects of the forensics course content

Then after the learning goal is established the students brainstorm what apps they can use to make their thinking visible. My second group were talented artists so they chose to create a stop motion movie about the three different types of fingerprints in My Create. Then they exported the MyCreate stop motion movie into iMovie where they added footage about different types of fingerprints left at a crime scene, and music from the iTunes Store.

Both of the students in this group were strong visual learners or as Gardner would say they were “picture smart.” Their APP-smash project was a natural extension of how they process information. Also, the APP-smash highlighted their drawing talents in the final product. It showed me that APP-smashing is a good way to differentiate as well.

After an APP-smash I like to use the SAMR model as a means of reflection. The drawing portion of the task would have been possible without the iPad but it would not have been possible to capture the content with the stop frame animation. Also, the iPad allowed my students to synthesize heavy duty forensic science content and make it accessible to the world via iMovie.


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