Student Generated APP-Smashes Bloom + Gardner + SAMR Part I

Much of my work in the past year has revolved around the conceptual framework behind APP-smashing. However, after attending the recent iPad Summit in Boston and listening to Gregory Kulowiec speak about the need to for more student generated APP-smash content on the internet, I vowed to shift the focus of APP-smashing in my environment to my students. I recently had an APP-smash contest in my forensics class. The results were so spectacular that I am sharing them in a three part blog post.

All APP-smashes should begin with the learning goal, objective, or target: in the case of this project the learning objective was…
SWBAT synthesize essential questions and enduring understandings of the forensics class in the first marking period.
SWBAT create an APP-smash presentation that shows their favorite aspects of the forensics course content

Then after the learning goal is established the students brainstorm what apps they can use to make their thinking visible. My first group had 2 students who were musically talented so they wrote a Forensics rap in the Notes App which they performed in front of the class with a Garage Band composition in the background.

I thought this was nice because it made me realize that APP-smashing supports Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Both or these children were musically intelligent and they were able to create an APP-smash that was a natural extension of their talents which met the learning target.

After an APP-smash I like to use the SAMR model as a means of reflection. In this case the task of writing a rap would have been conceivable prior to the invention of the iPad. However, the addition of the Garage Band original song brought the student work into the upper rungs of the SAMR ladder. Also, the fact that we could use the technology to share this student generated APP-smash with the world is quite powerful.


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