Thursday APP-Smash Adult Learners

This is part of a weekly series on APP-smashes in my high school classroom.  When I consider an APP-smash I like to take the systems approach through the lens of an input/output model.  In terms of the inputs going into the APP-smash I like to think about what I want students to learn.  After I decide what I want students to learn then I choose the APPS to smash and not vice-versa.

Thursday APP-Smash: Adult Learners Advanced iPad Class

Learning Outcomes in Bloom’s Taxonomy Language: SWBAT infuse technology into their instruction and curriculum.  SWBAT provide enriched experiences in their content area with students using the iPad.  SWBAT use the iPad to enhance the assessment component of the class.

APPS we Smashed: ATT Scanner + Tellagami + LAYAR + Socrative + eBackPack + Educreations + apps of choice


For my Thursday APP-smash I chose a different audience.  I chose to write about the adults who are currently taking my Advanced Section of Infusion of the iPad into Instruction and Curriculum for their year long PD.  As a “homework assignment” my adult learners were given the following task…

For our half-day assignment I would like for you to create an APP-smash for your classroom or describe an APP-smash that you have used in the classroom.  An APP-smash is when you have a certain unit, topic, or lesson that you want to teach that you feel could be enhanced by the infusion of technology into the lesson.  For example if you wanted to introduce a new concept and “hook” the students having them scan a QR code in ATT Scanner that leads them to Tellagami, that is an example of a teacher driven APP-smash.  You can also design an APP-smash as a project for your students.  An example of an APP-smash I used this week was having my students scan an Augmented Reality Trigger Image in LAYAR that went to a video asking them to create a Screencast in Educreations which they took a screenshot of and sent to me in eBackPack.  Vive la APP-smash.   


Please share your APP-smash in the form of a short paragraph (five to seven sentences).  I look forward to reading about all of the awesome things everyone is doing with technology in their learning environments.


I was impressed with the responses…

The APP-smash I would like to incorporate into my class would be through a combination of QR Codes, Layar and Tellagami. My plan is to use either the history of computers or cyber crimes as the topic. Students would the ATT Scanner and/or Layar to research information about computing or the particular cyber crime. Students would then summarize the content using Tellagami in the form of a short story. Or, the students can also use iMovie to summarize the information. My other thought was to have QR Codes navigate students through various time periods or the process of a cyber crime being carried out and the end result.

I have made a QR code that will direct students to my Wiki. From there they will download an eBook that they will use as a resource/workbook for their Cooking Methods unit, completing it with definitions and pictures of completed recipes. This will be turned in through eBackpack.


I created a QR code which I linked to a tellingami and then embedded on my wiki.


When I look back and reflect upon the APP-smash I think about how none of the assignments that the teachers created were about the bell and whistles of technology.  These were all APP-smashes that set out to improve student learning and student engagement in some really creative ways.  The majority of the APP-smashes submitted to me redefined the learning space and the learning environment for the teachers and the students. I was impressed at how the teachers quickly absorbed the APPS that I had presented to them I few weeks ago and tweaked them to suit their own learning environment.



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