Wednesday APP-smash – Math Meets iTunes U

This is part of a weekly series on APP-smashes in my high school classroom.  When I consider an APP-smash I like to take the systems approach through the lens of an input/output model.  In terms of the inputs going into the APP-smash I like to think about what I want students to learn.  After I decide what I want students to learn then I choose the APPS to smash and not vice-versa.

Wednesday APP-Smash: Gifted and Talented Math Class iTunes

Learning Outcomes in Bloom’s Taxonomy Language: SWBAT solve application problems.  SWBAT justify their solutions to math world problems.  SWBAT to create permanent products to extend their knowledge to a broader audience.

APPS we Smashed: iTunes U, Educreations, and iMovie or iMovie Trailer


The students I teach in this program a very self-directed and I hardly need to be in the room.  We do a lot of math drills that are preparing them for an upcoming math counts competition.  However, I am not the type of teacher who simply hands my kids endless amounts of worksheets so vive la APP-smash.  The student completed the math drill worksheet that prepared them for the competition.  Then based upon their performance they were assigned a particular problem from the worksheet as a screencast in Educreations to extend and expand their thinking.  In the screencast they used their own audio, images, and step by step calculations to make their thinking visible.  When they were done with the screencasts we placed them into a post within our iTunes University class.  Students then took screenshots of their screencast and curated another permanent product involving their math counts problem and images related to the conceptual and procedural knowledge surrounding the problem in iMovie or iMovie Trailer.

When I look back and reflect upon the APP-smash I think that if I had just given my students the worksheet they would have completed it dutifully because they are gifted and talented, but when I use the SAMR model as a tool for reflection the use of the APP-smash and the iPads redefined the learning experience for my students.  Also, I reflect upon how APP-smashing changes the physical layout of the 21st century classroom.  At one point when we doing this I had one student in my classroom with me because groups of students were recording the screencast in the media center or filming the APP-smash in the hallway.  It felt great to think outside of the box.


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