I had the pleasure of presenting the SAMR model and Using the IPAD to Target Higher Order Thinking Skills yesterday in Pennsylvania. I also got to attend to other workshops. One was a very well-facilitated discussion on how to flip the faculty meeting. Here are a few highlights from my Twitter feed while I was mid-session…

“In education the most precious commodity we have in time.”
at Flipping the Faculty Meeting at #edcamplv

“In a group dynamic 20% will be enthusiasts, 20% will be complainers, it
is the middle 60% that we really have to target” #edcamplv

Great idea, using a Google Doc to organize groups based on interest/need
for a Flipped Faculty Meeting at #edcamplv

The presenter talked about how a faculty of 210 split up into 8 groups
based upon need and interest and formed mini-PLC’s. This way there was no
one who could sit it the back row and check their Facebook page but rather
all members had to be actively engaged in the process.

I also attended a really wonderful session on Room – D112 Tools to get students creating (with or without iPads)

It reintroduced me to http://blabberize.com/ a resource which I somehow forgot about but now I made a talking Pythagoras and converted it into a QR code with Free Visual QR http://tinyurl.com/a27gyx7 AWESOME!!!


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