Talking About AR + Gen Z at #edcampnyc

I love Ed Camps.

I had not had the chance to participate in one in awhile but yesterday I dragged myself to Manhattan for edcampnyc.

I led a conversation about Augmented Reality and why we need to use this type of technology with Generation Z (the students who were born after 1995).

What I love about edcamps is the format.  I posted these topics on the discussion board and was joined by a wonderful group of educators who were passionate about these two topics.

The smartest person in the 21st century is certainly the room.  Those of you who follow this blog know that I love using both LAYAR in DAQRI in the classroom.  However, many people who joined the discussion were able to share the amazing things that they are doing in schools with Aurasma.  I was amazed by the work that tech integration specialists were doing to flip the first grade classroom by creating student videos in Aurasma.

We looked at the use of Augmented Reality at the Avenues school in NYC to foster a conversation about how AR allows students to take ownership of the learning space.

Also, what was great about discussing how to relate to Generation Z in an edcamp setting was the power of collective voice.  We had teachers are Baby Boomers, teachers who come from Generation X, and teachers from Generation Y.  This led to a rich dialogue about what we can do as education professionals to cater to the needs of Generation Z in our educational system.

For those of you who missed it and like Augmented Reality or Generation Z here is a link to the Google Doc with all of the materials we chatted about:


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