STEM Lesson Hydro-Hypothesis with Sphero + iMovie Time Lapse iOS8

I recently tried the Hydro-Hypothesis Sphero Experiment in my science classes which reinforces concepts such as density, buoyancy, and engineering design.  Students were given the following materials:

1- cardboard

2- bubble wrap (two different sizes)

3- clips

4- elastics

5- neon duct tape

6- pipe cleaners

The students then had to create a boat that submerged half of Sphero the Robot in the water and did not sink.  You can get a waterproof case for Sphero for this activity.  Students were divided into teams and given a half hour to complete their boat design.  Then we took turns testing if the student designed robot powered boats would sink or swim in a pool of water. This hands on science lesson led to high levels of student engagement and fostered a community of collaboration.

I am also fortunate enough to work in a setting that is one to one with the iPads.  The students had the great idea to use one of the iOS8 features to enhance the experience.  We used the time-lapse feature in Camera to document the entire lesson.  Then we took the footage and put it into iMovie.  Timelapse in iOS8 is a great way to document any sort of scientific exercise that involves the students learning by creating/constructing their own product.


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