Episode 6 of the Device Smashing Chronicles

Here is the link to the hangout page…


Today at 3pm I will interview Ryan Read who has a really great blog that followers of my blog would be really interested in…


Ryan's Headshot


I grew up in Sycamore, IL right next door to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb where my parents both worked. I originally completed a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts from NIU in 2000 and worked in two TV pilots that were never picked up. I went into the healthcare field until 2009 when I decided to return to school and pursue a Masters in Instructional Technology in Education. I graduated with my Master’s in 2011 where I worked for a small grade school that had 1:1 iPads. I left in 2012 to implement an iPad 1:1 at Christian Life Schools in 2012 and have never looked back. I’m currently pursuing a doctorate in Education for Curriculum Development at NIU. This year besides a larger use of iPads we are working towards the School Maker Space working with Makey Makey through out classrooms and Minecraft Edu.


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