Learning Spaces 104:365×2

Great video that was shared during a conversation at #edcampldr about sense of ownership in learning spaces.

Teach Between The Lines

I want to start this post out with a quote from a video that started our session with Ben Gilpin, Tom Murray and Erin Klein (Through GHO) “Well, if I am here, and you are here, isn’t it our time?” Who dropped this incredible knowledge on the world?  Why of course it was….


What a great way to start off EdCamp Leadership!  Some very interesting ideas came out of this discussion.  It was not as much about the actual learning spaces as it was about a few key themes:

1. Whatever you do to your learning space, do it with a PURPOSE! Have an idea in mind as to why you want to do it, not just because it is “the thing to do.”

2. If you are going to do it, plan for it! Going to 1:1? PLAN IT OUT! The best way to ensure a change fails…

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