Google Glass with iPad Tech Smash

Great example of Device Smashing with the iPad and Google Glass from another educator who realizes that 2014 is the year of the Device Smash!!

The Pixel Classroom



    Have you seen Google Glass? The technology you wear like a pair of sunglasses that records, searches and more? More and more teachers and classrooms are starting to test out Google Glass for their classrooms and businesses. One of my new App Dice I created just this week is known as a Tech Dice. You put several devices of technology on each side and roll them to create Tech Smashes that work great with App Smashes. Well, the other day I was rolling the die with my son and he did one and I did one. Tyler came up with Google Glass and I came up with iPad and then my wife look over and said: “What does Google Glass do?” I explained to her and she answered: “That would work great for a TV interview.” Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.25.34 AMThat is when it hit me. To create a great Tech…

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