Week Two of the “Glass” Menagerie, AR + Parent Communication

In this post I discuss two emerging themes I notice based upon some of the apps that I get beta-test.

First of all this week I had a brainstorm to combine iBeacon tech with wearables based upon the fact that my glasses recognize my iBeacons when they recognize my Sphero when I speak the “okay glass manage Bluetooth” command.

One trend is the improvement of parent and teacher communication with the wearables.
With 2 Eduglasses apps I am able to to scan student work on my wearables and it synches to my Google Drive or I am able to email it to 20 different contacts. Also, the ability to live stream the class through the classes exists.

Another trend that I want encourage is the use of Augmented Reality apps on the wearables to improve student achievement. An ADE buddy of mine Leah LaCrosse talked about how she used AR to prep her students for the state test instead of giving them packets of worksheets. Let’s use AR tech on the wearables to improve student achievement and engagement!

I don’t teach for the classroom of yesterday or the classroom of today, I teach for the classroom of tomorrow…


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