Episode Five of the #AR + #APP-Smashing Chronicles with Alberto Pian LIVE from the 20 Year Anniversary of the #ADEDU Program

Today we have a real treat. Usually when I have guests from all over the world on my show I have to coordinate the Google Hangouts through different time zones. However, this week I am at the Global Apple Distinguished Educator institute in San Diego. My guest today will be Alberto Pian and we will get to do the broadcast sitting side by side with an interpreter. Here is some information about my guest:

Alberto Pian

Taught in high schools, teaches and works in the master e-learning at the University of Viterbo (Unituscia), the DOL Master of Politecnico di Milano and master IAD University of Rome Tor Vergata. He has taught hundreds of courses for teachers, relevant collaborations with universities, institutions and companies. He works with businesses to communicate narrative, storytelling, gamification, development of App E ‘consultant and trainer in education projects that employ thousands of iPads in schools and businesses. And ‘trainer Espero, ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator), APD (Apple Professional Development). Since 1989 he has developed innovative teaching methods from elementary school to university. In 2005 he introduced in Italy podcasting in schools. Among his most well-known methodologies we point lai teaching and learning based on multi-channel StoryritellinGame. He has published 11 books in print and hundreds of articles and essays, 200 on the Internet, a number of digital-only books (eBooks). He had many national and international awards. Its activity is documented by national articles and TV services.


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