Day 60 of Google Glass in the Class Driving Sphero for ISTE Ignite

I recently watched my ISTE Ignite when a friend sent me the footage. The speech was a hot mess, I was making amateur mistakes that I never make when presenting like saying um a lot. Why was I not on top of my game? Because the technical aspect of what I was attempting to pull off in my presentation was quite nerve-wracking – even for self-professed girl geek. The people at Sphero Glass had written code that allowed me to control the robot with Google Glass just by moving my head. The audience at ISTE was floored when I shot robot into the audience with head movements and voice commands. I did not mind that I was a bit flustered in my speech because the message of importance of finding exciting 21st century skills to instruct Generation Z our current students was loud and clear. I quoted You Tube CEO Sandra Wojicki when I stated that “coding is the new literacy which inspires students to create, innovate, and quite literally change the world.”

Thanks to the folks at Sphero Glass for making this courageous presentation possible. The ISTE community was impressed by what the future of our classrooms look like. And Google Glass will play a role in these future learning spaces…


2 thoughts on “Day 60 of Google Glass in the Class Driving Sphero for ISTE Ignite”

    1. Yes, the minute I saw the size of the stage I new that it was going to shoot straight it into the audience.
      I will be sharing it at two different presentations in the upcoming two weeks one in New Jersey and another in Chicago.

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