Day 50 of Google Glass in the Class + Reading Music + Sphero + Generation Z

Two breakthroughs today that are revolutionary.
1- A Student was playing the saxophone in my class for an iMovie project and he realized that he could find the score to a musical piece on the glasses while playing his instrument. WOW! This is a wonderful example of how the use of emergent tech has encouraged innovative thinking in my learning environment.

2- My ISTE Ignite presentation on Sphero the Robot was due tonight. As I was searching my slides I inadvertently came across this link on Github
This means that my students and I can control Sphero the Robot with Google Glass — how about them Apples?!?!
What will the learning look like in my STEM classes tomorrow once we sideload the code? I don’t even know yet but it will be fun to find out. I love being the lead learner in a classroom full of Generation Z students.


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