Day 26 of Google Glass in the Class

In this video I share my experience with sharing the Glasses with a six year old who was by far the youngest person to put them on. It was interesting because she was soft spoken so for the first half hour I had to do the voice commands while she played the games. Also, she was holding the glasses in front of her face moving them up and down because that was her interpretation of my head nod. However, I was amazed at how her learning curve accelerated and she was using them independently within under an hour.

Also, I am giving an edtech PD workshop and I had many teachers request that I bring the Google Glass and show them how to use it. So what is interesting about this is that now I have an opportunity to try the Google Glasses with teachers in content areas besides the ones I teach. I look forward to expanding the number and teachers and students whose education is improved by having access to my device.


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