Brad Waid to be Guest on Episode #3 of the AR + AppSmash Chronicles

Brad Waid to be Guest on Episode #3 of the AR + AppSmash Chronicles

I am pleased to announce that Brad Waid will be joining us for episode three of the AR + App Smash Chronicles.  Please Tweet me if you are interested in joining the Google Hangout @ipadqueen2012

Brad Waid is a highly sought after speaker who engages his audience

with his passion, humor, mind-blowing demonstrations all while

sharing the power of technology and how it can transform the way we

learn, teach and lead. He is an industry leader in Educational

Technology and in Augmented Reality. Brad is an expert in applying

technology into the educational field and is on the leading edge of

emerging technologies. He is one of the Co-Founders of AR Detroit, a

monthly meet up where industry leaders and visionaries come together

to talk about the application and future of Augmented Reality. Brad is

also the Co-Founder of Two Guys and Some iPads blog, an

internationally viewed blog from over 120 countries and over 250,000

visitors. He has been honored by the National School Board

Association as one of the “20 to Watch” in Educational Technology. In

addition, he is the Co-Host of the wildly popular and number one rated

“Two Guys Show” on the EdReach Network. Brad’s knowledge of

educational technology and his passion to inspire educational change,

makes him a highly sought after speaker who makes an impact where

ever he goes.


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