Advancements in iBeacon Technology from Paul Hamilton + My iBeacon Project.

I had a busy week and was not able to give my growing interest in iBeacon technology the time in attention it deserved. However, I can always live vicariously through the work of Paul Hamilton. Paul was the first educator in the world to use iBeacon technology in the learning environment. He inspired me to want to use iBeaon technology in my own learning environment. One of my ADE buddies Brian Foutty is designing an iBeacon app for my students to use in our high school. This week we had great fun picking out a name for the app and now I am learning how to use iDraw to create the app graphics.
In any case, I digress. Paul put together a great iBeacon tutorial this week on the app Placed. When I first got my Beacons I was confused about whether or not I had to create my own app. Placed allows you to access iBeacon tech without having to build your own app. An important note, when you search for Placed in the App Store select the “for iPhone only” option. This is usually how you find any Beacon app in the app store. Happy iBeaconing…


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