Using iBooks Author for a Teacher Tenure Presentation

Using iBooks Author for a Teacher Tenure Presentation

I was recently faced with the daunting task of preparing my teacher tenure defense. I decided to use the iBooks Author format. One thing I love about iBooks author is that it provides such a powerful template to tell a story. I was able to tell the story of my growth as a teacher against the iBooks Author backdrop.

A Great Platform to Show Qualitative and Quantitative Examples of Student Success
iBooks Author will be a great experience for anyone on the tenure panel to see. They can press on interactive widgets, watch videos of my students and I, view charts that show improved testing data.

Screenshot 2014-03-27 22.29.28

The Power of Digital Storytelling
A picture is worth one thousand words. I could talk until I was blue in the face about how I love my craft but it would not be as powerful as seeing snapshots of my students and their project based learning. In iBooks I can drop in iMovies, student Keynotes, and dae widgets.  Then there is a more authentic student voice within the narrative.  Since I have a student-centered teaching style and philosophy I wanted the students to be front and center in the book.  iBooks gave me the proper platform to articulate my craft as a teacher.

Screenshot 2014-03-27 22.29.08


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