iBeacon Technology Nearly Made Me Wet My Pants :)

This video by Paul Hamilton features a neat new technology called beacons. Beacons are a low cost piece of hardware that can be attached to classroom wall or student desk. I was so excited watching how Paul set up his classroom with various learning zones that I immediately purchased a set of Estimote iBeacons that will be delivered to me within the next month.

I loved the creativity of how Paul used it to create hot/cold features through the iPad app as students got closer to learning zones in his classroom. I want to set them up outside my school building since the weather is getting nicer.

Oh, I should forewarn the view — this is the kind creativity technology that is so exciting that when you see it you just might wet your pants — I almost did!!

Paul – thank-you for your stroke of genius.


2 thoughts on “iBeacon Technology Nearly Made Me Wet My Pants :)”

  1. Hi there,

    This is Wojtek Borowicz, I’m a community evangelist at Estimote. It’s super cool to see people are as excited about our technology as we are ourselves! What do you want to do with the Beacons in your school? Drop me a line at wojtek [at] estimote, maybe we can help 🙂


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