How I Used iTunesU as a Platform for A Promotion Interview

How I Used iTunes as a Platform for Promotion Interview

Some of you readers may remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I used Thinglink to help prepare my vision statement for a promotion interview. Well, Thinglink must have done the trick because I was informed that I was a finalist for the promotion.

So I was faced with the question of how I could be prepared for the second round of interviews: enter iTunes University. I was able to create a private course called “The Smartest Person in the 21st Century is the room” that I shared with the person doing the hiring.

photo 3

I was able to to use the outline function in iTunes U to highlight salient points that I wanted to speak about during the interview. Also, because of the materials function I was able to add screenshots of quotes from some of my favorite learning theorists: Vygotsky, Bandura, Tomlinson, and Gardner.

In the course overview section I was able to talk about the opportunity to mold and shape beginning teachers prior to their becoming a part of an organizational institution. I also spoke about how I am challenged by the idea of trying to change the way adult learners view curriculum and instruction.

photo 4

Not only was the course a great digital “cheat sheet” during the interview but it provided for comic relief in the interview with Christopher Dunn quote: “You can’t sprinkle 21st century skills on a 20th century doughnut.”

iTunes U — got have my back!! Every time I think I have figured out all the ways I could possible use you as a platform — you morph and become useful to me in ways I never imagined.


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