How to Use Thinglink to Transition from 2D to 3D in a Promotion Interview


Click on Below Link to Access the Interactive Version of Thinglink

Link to Digital Vision Statement

Up for a competition promotion interview at work? I was in this situation this week. Sometimes it is hard for those of use who are tech-savvy to consolidate our assets in a small package. Gone are the days where people bring heavy 2D portfolios into interviews. Materials that I have created which show my workplace acumen such as my 10 iTunes University Courses and my iBooks are not really appropriate to pop in and out of in a timed interview setting. Enter Thinglink…

I thought about how I could make a more multidimensional vision statement for the interview.  I began in Canva.  In Canva I found a title slide called the Road Ahead.  I layered that with images related to important talking points in the interview which was for a Staff Development/Induction Specialist Position.  I placed pictures of SAMR, beginning teachers, Marzano, and CCSS in the Canva.  When I was done with that portion of the hybrid app-smash I thought about how I could make it more interactive.

I took a screenshot of my Canva and placed it into Thinglink.  Thinglink was introduced to me by my ADE buddy Lisa Johnson at the Ed Tech Teacher November 2013 iPad Summit.   I made video snippets/talking points with my avatar in Tellagami that I placed into the Thinglink.  I also used a VideoScribe that I had made outlining my vision about the SAMR model and the district.  I also inserted a clip I had made in Go Animate about the trials and tribulations of a first year teacher.

I have taught in a Flipped Classroom and assisted in running Flipped Faculty Meetings but this was the first time I had participated in a Flipped Job Interview.  The Assistant Superintendent who was interviewing me looked at my Digital Vision Statement in Thinglink ahead of time and that led to a more enriched interview for both of us.  Perhaps Thinglink and hybrid app-smashing can be useful to some of you in your journey as life-long learners.


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