AR Changing the Shape of Knowledge… Fairytale Reflection

AR Changing the Shape of Knowledge...  Fairytale Reflection

The following piece serves two purposes.
1- It is a reflective piece for a book that I am finishing about the use of Augmented Reality in my science class
2- It is preparation for the conversation I will be leading at Educon two weeks from today
Once upon a time in a 2d classroom

Students in a Chemistry class would have learned about electron configurations on a flat 2D surface called a piece of paper. The students dutifully did their work but they longed for material that was more hands on and kinesthetic.

Thanks to the magic of technology students who enter my science classroom are in a three dimensional world. They learn about electron configurations by scanning 2D images that are plastered all over the classroom walls just dying to be scanned to become three dimensional. Students can no longer hide at their desk because this type of technology demands student engagement.

Thanks to the pace of technology we have the advent of 4D chemistry in which my students will one day learn about electron sharing by having 4d programs that they can reach into — manipulate — and interact with…

I love this change in the Shape of Knowledge. We will all live happy ever after in the land of AR.


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