Thoughts on Instructional Design for iBooks Author

Playing in the Sandbox

These may be simple and obvious ideas for many educators and curriculum directors. However, for me, these are a few of the things I’m beginning to understand better when it comes to designing e-learning experiences and in particular iBooks Author content.


An earlier page out of my iBook contains several tasks with the following elements on one page: text, defined terms, an interactive directed towards discovering the rules of rotations, a video to watch, a sheet of homework, and a link to our online quiz site. In addition to the content there is also the blue bars on the top and bottom of the page.

Does this seem like a bit much? Overwhelming to look at? Confusing? Wondering where to begin and what to take away?

Take 2

This page from the same section of a later edition contains only one task along with text, defined terms…

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