iPad Summit Superlatives

iPad Summit Superlatives

This is my third iPad Summit and today I came to the conclusion that Ed Tech Teacher’s Conferences are such good brain candy that it would cheapen the event if I were to blog about it with a Top 10 or a Top Five Reasons why I love the iPad Summit post. So I got to thinking about how I could properly capture the experience of having so many relevant edtech thought leaders under one roof at the same time. Then it came to me as I was having lunch at the Parker House today: I’ll make a high school style superlative post that highlights the creativity, intelligence, and passion of all us who chose to share our message at the conference.

The conference began with a keynote that celebrated the word nerd. Being part of this event made me grateful to share the same thought space as these talented individuals. So here is my Ed Tech Teacher Yearbook.

Most Artistic- Lisa Johnson Twitter Handle @TechChef4u

Website: techchef4u.com
I was so impressed by Lisa’s Thinglink presentation on Day One. Not only did she give us a beautifully designed take away flyer but Lisa is continuously generous with her creating and sharing of resources about everything on her blog, twitter, and pinterest. I plan on trying on the little black dress that is Thinglink in my learning environment sooner than later. I am convinced that Lisa does not sleep but if you have not had the chance you should check out the really cool edtech jewelry that she designed, makes, and sells on her website. I know what I want for Christmas.

Most Intellectual- Michelle Cordy Twitter Handle @cordym

I was at the point in Day One that I did not think I could take in any more information. Then I walked into Michelle Cordy’s session on electronic portfolios and making student thinking visible. She did it – she got me mentally engaged the moment I walked into the room. Not only is it great to hear Michele say words like process with her Canadian accent but also she asks really tough and important questions about the Internet, student branding, and metacognition. You should follow her blog to get metaphysical and listen to her mind talk.

Most Creative Gregory Kulowiec- Twitter Handle @gregorykulowiec

Website kulowiectech.blogspot.com
Okay, maybe I am a little biased here. When I go back for my Doctorate am I torn between whether I am going to write about APP-smashing or Augmented Reality. Not only did Greg operationally define something that I am very passionate about but also he continues to influence my work as a teacher, author, and presenter by coming up with innovative ways to appsmash. We were treated to many of these in his App-Smashing presentation on Day One. He ended the session with a compelling message for those of us who are still in the classroom. Let’s start sharing and publishing more examples of student created app-smashes – which I certainly intend to do.

Most Likely to Take Over Your Network- Kyle Pearce Twitter Handle @MathletePearce

Website tapintoteenminds.com
So not only does Kyle share my passion for teaching math but also he showed us how to make our own network off of our Mac Book Air during his presentation. His Tap Into Teen Minds talk included frank conversation about various ways of looking at the SAMR model as well as several practical APPS and teaching strategies in the math classroom. I was sitting in the floor in the corner like a naught school child but Kyle was worth sitting on the floor for.

Most Athletic- Don Orth and Carl Hooker
I somehow managed to miss this one but I saw/heard that Carl and Don were doing iOS7 Aerobics in their session. 2 cool for school fellas – you two are waaay 2 cool for school.


Most Likely International Man of Mystery- Richard Wells @iPadWells

Website ipad4schools.org
So I was delighted to see that one of my ADE Tweeps was traveling from New Zealand to present in Boston. However, I missed him at dinner on Thursday night and was starting to question if this person really existed. Rest assured we met oh so briefly when I was finishing my Augmented Reality presentation on Friday and he was about to begin his talk about the iPad and Student Center Learning in his homeland. If you have not done so please follow Richard on Twitter. His website is amazing – the man has Augmented Reality posters that have been translated into Welsh.

Most Likely to Succeed- Reshan Richards @reshanrichards

Website: constructivisttoolkit.com
Reshan, Reshan, Reshan – I could not attend your session on Thursday because I was cheating on you with Lisa and Michelle. However, if there was an APP that I consistently heard mentioned in iPad Summit presentations as a game changer it was Explain Everything. Your creation has truly given student metacognition a voice in the 21st century classroom.

For those of you who I left out please don’t take offense there is only one of me so I could not attend each session — be mad at Tom Daccord for consistently providing so many intellectually stimulating conversations at his Ed Tech Teacher events. See you in San Diego…


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