5 Reasons Why Final Cut Pro is the Bomb Diggity

One of the highlights of attending the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Austin, Texas last month was getting my first exposure to Final Cut Pro in a beginner to intermediate workshop that was taught by some really helpful guys:

 Jon Corippo-


And Antonio Manriquez



Now that I am back home and I am getting the experience to “get my hands dirty” as I work on the three very different final projects in FCP.  I made a movie about the Three Little Pigs this week with my kindergarten students, I edited the app-smashing interview footage for my OBT chapter this weekend, and I am preparing an engagement party video for my niece and her fiancée for next weekend.  These were three very different tasks but the bottom line is that working with FCP in each one them has been SWEET.

Goodbye to iMovie- iMovie don’t worry I am not saying goodbye to you but rather I am putting you on the back burner or as Hall and Oates would say I am making you my part-time lover.  iMovie we have had a beautiful six year run and made lots of greats videos together so parting would be sweet sorrow and I cannot bid you adieu.  My strong feelings for iMovie trailer will still continue but FCP is the flavor of the week, of the month, and of the year.  Here are five reasons why…

1-    Your Transitions Take Me to My Happy Story Telling Place- There are 94 of them and I love each one for different reasons.  I love using FCP to tell a story.  If I need to open the curtains at the start of a fairytale or create an X effect as teachers I interview disagree with a concept or idea, your transitions enhance the telling of my stories.

2-    Your Titles are sublime- when I make video stories and think about how to connect the climax to the resolution or how to make an introductory video for an iBook that offers the proper punch – your selection of 176 leaves me bedazzled.  Winners Circle makes my Head Spin and Ink Splash appeals to my heart and mind – both of which are important when making a movie.

3-    Your Blade Feature- When I have a lot of footage to edit I love the blade tool that helps me snip, snip, snip.

4-    Your Video and Audio Effects- I can take part of my movie and make it rain yes make it make it rain.  Or I can take my viewers to a funky and groovy place with your kaleidoscope effect.  My desire for every effect in your library is strong.

5-    What I don’t know yet about you– I love thinking about all of the little secrets of your program that I do not even know about yet.  I will get to enjoy them because this is the beginning of a bad romance.Image



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