APP Smashing with James

APP Smashing with James

I love the concept of app smashing which is phrase coined by Ed Tech Teacher’s Gregory Kulowiec. I wanted to share some wicked cool app smashing that has been going on in my class lately. I use the word “wicked” because even though I teach in New Jersey my New England roots show through in little colloquialisms and phrases in my blogging. My high school computers in business class is having a Celebrity Apprentice style competition in which they have various authentic business related tasks that incorporate the use of technology. This task required that each group create promotional materials for a James Bond style charity fund raiser. Each group was given a budget to create promotional materials in For those readers who are not familiar with Zazzle it is a website that places QR codes onto products such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, and neck-ties. One group chose to turn their qrcodes into pins that scanned to a video about the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The other group chose to create a qrcode coffee mug that turns into a 007 video clip when you use the ATT scanner app on the iPad. The app smashing also continued with iMovie and Garage Band. While the two teams each made James Bond movies in iMovie, one student composed an original James Bond themed song in Garage Band to be played in the background when the judging was taking place. The students also used Keynote+pages to make promotional literature about their charity. I was impressed that one group chose GRASP as their charity. It is a gang rescue and support project that is peer run. Kudos to app smashing and the iPads for allowing students to redefine what learning looks like and have real life connections to social issues that relevant to them in their own world as teenagers. iMovie + Keynote + Pages + Garage Band + ATT Scanner that is a smashing app smash indeed.


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